The American Samoa Government, Department of Port Administration understands and recognizes the vital importance of maintaining a clean natural environment as being fundamental to all of its activities.

The Department of Port Administration is committed to preserving our aquatic heritage and enhancing our marine environment within the Pago Pago Harbor, through proper management of all activities that occur within the harbor. Given this commitment, and in accordance with statutes listed ASCA Title 20, United States Coast Guard regulations and the Federal Clean Water Act, we have established the following CLEAN HARBOR POLICY / BEST MANGEMENT PRINCIPLES and OPERATING PRACTICES:


In accepting and adopting the CLEAN HARBOR POLICY / and BEST MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES and OPERATING PRACTICES that are appropriate to its operation, DPA commits itself to the best of its ability to:


ü Promote good environmental practices to all Port Users;

ü Eliminate the release of contaminants into the water, both directly and indirectly;

ü Adopt waste reduction reuse and recycling strategies;

ü Abide by and, where possible, exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation.


DPA Organization will introduce sound environmental practices into every aspect of our operation.


The Philosophy of this policy will be integrated into a Contract between DPA and all vessels operators calling on port, and port users.


DPA also commits itself to strive to continually upgrade and improve upon existing environmental rules and regulations in light of future harbor developments.