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The Department of Port Administration (DPA) welcomes you to join the Association of Pacific Ports (APP) Annual Conference from July 17-20, 2017. Register today to join us in Pago Pago, American Samoa to discover new relationships and discuss what’s new with Ports around the Pacific Region to overall enhance your Port Operations. The Port of Pago Pago is managed and branched in three divisions: Seaport Operations, Airport Operations, and Manu’a Operations. We are the lifeline for American Samoa for all imports and exports for our people and islands of Tutuila and Manu’a and the South Pacific Region.

H. Rex Lee Auditorium

Lee Auditorium

The APP Conference will be held at the H. Rex Lee Auditorium across from the Sadie’s by the Sea Hotel. The Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium, also called Fale Laumei ("turtle house") in Samoan, is the largest indoor meeting space in the United States territory of American Samoa. It is located in the village of Utulei, surrounded by other government buildings. The main body of the building is a roughly ovoid structure, with a curved roof (finished with wooden shakes) that is reminiscent of the thatch roofs of traditional Samoan structures. The auditorium was built in 1962 under orders from Governor Hyrum Rex Lee as part of a major initiative to modernize the territory's infrastructure and facilities. It was built by a construction squadron of the United States Navy, and was completed in time for the 1962 South Pacific Conference. It was later named in honor of Lee, who was the territory's longest-serving governor, and oversaw much of its modernization. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.

Sadie’s Hotel


The Sadie’s by the Sea Hotel is across from the H. Rex Lee Auditorium. This hotel is on the rim of the Pago Pago Harbor to welcome all who sail into her. Sadie’s by the Sea is the only full service, beach front resort in American Samoa, located in the heart of the government and business centers of the island. Sadie’s by the Sea is a small, charming resort with first class friendly service.The private beach and clear warm water, just a few steps from your room, are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking year round. Lounge by the pool or doze in the shade of coconut palms on soft coralline sand with a view of Rainmaker Mountain.