The development of our services for the people of American Samoa and the Pacific Region has been carefully managed to ensure that the expansion of our customer base and size of our professional staff is balanced with the maintenance of our high standard of service and a clientele that expects nothing less than highest level of: 

ü           Integrity 

ü           Professional competence 

ü           Capacity for specialized service 

ü           Responsive support, and 

ü           Qualitative service

We draw our strength from sound professional management, an experienced and capable workforce, financial resources of the group as a whole, excellent rapport with government and local agencies, our connections with the industry associates and above all the support and good wishes of our valued clients.

We believe that it is our essential purpose to make available to our customers outstanding professionals who render superior and distinctive service.

The Department of Port Administration growth in practice in its history in American Samoa is as a result of its superior services which has the features:


Management has an absolute commitment to customer service. We are dedicated to serve the people of American Samoa and the Pacific Region in developing a more opportunities for our local economy through the advancement of the remuneration in maintaining this commitment.


Our approach to all customer service is based upon an understanding of organizational needs and problems. We will only render services, which we believe to be beneficial to our customers. Our familiarity with local and international business cultures, political and legal circumstance is thus combined with experience gained over the years.


Each member of our staff normally has many years of experience within each major division of Port Administration. This is enhanced by a deliberate delegation programme, which continues throughout the staff’s employment and training with professionals of each division to ensure that they are constantly gaining experience.


Our services are designed to enable our customers to meet their professional service requirements from the American Samoa Government and its local agencies. This means that the background knowledge gained by providing service to a customer can be productively utilized in other assignments within the organization.