Position of Pilot Station:                                               Whale Rock, Latitude 14° 17’ S, Longitude 170° 40’ W

Rang of Tides & Maximum Currents:                             1.1 meters, MHWS; 0.9 meters, MLWS

Approach Channel Width & Depth:                                804 meters, 180 feet +

Distance from Pilot Station to dock:                              1.5 nautical miles

Estimated time from Pilot Station to dock:                     10 minutes @ 5 knots

Air draft restrictions:                                                    46 meters - an aerial tramway wire spans the inner part of the harbor, 0.0.3 nautical miles west of Nuutuoi  Point, the minimum vertical clearance beneath the tramway is 46 meters near its south end.

Other restrictions:                                                        Minimum depth & diameter of turning basin – 36 meters

                                                                                  Minimum depth alongside the pier – 12 meters

                                                                                  Port established maximum draft – 12 meters

                                                                                  Port established maximum LOA – 1132 feet

Name/LOA of largest ship to safely call in port:              Queen Mary 2, 32.10 feet, 1132 feet / 236.2 feet (Height Keel to Funnel), 400 gross tons.

Channel minimum depth during transit:                          24 meters

Narrowest width of channel from Pilot to Berth:              200 meters

Height of sea level to Pilot boat:                                   1.5 meters


Are (tugs) compulsory?                                                  No – but highly recommended for the safe navigation within the harbor, and the positioning/mooring if vessels to docks.

Power, type and number of tugs available:                      1. Tug Totoso II – 1580 horse power

                                                                                   2. Tug Tautua – 1730 horse power

                                                                                   3. Tug Sailele – 1450 horse power

Are the tugs local within 30 minutes from the port?          Yes

How far in advance do the tugs have to be ordered?        24 hours


Names, lengths and minimum depths for all suitable berths:         Main Dock – Length 400 feet, Width 55 feet, Depth 40 feet.

Container Dock – Length 1120 feet, Width 55 feet, Depth 40 feet.

Location of Berth:                                                                      Latitude 14° 17’ S, Longitude 170° 41’ W

Maximum length/Draft permitted:                                                Length 123.4 meters / 9.7 meters

Type of berth (cruise, container, bulk traffic):                                Cruise, Cargo, Fishing

Height of pier above charted low water datum water:                    2.7 meters

Type and spacing of fenders:                                                     Fentek Unit Element V Fenders (UE-V), 14 feet apart

Bollard spacing and bollard pull/strength:                                    15 meters; 50 feet

Preferred side of ship alongside:                                                Starboard – ship facing outward toward mouth of harbor.

Do linesmen have motorboats?                                                  No – but can utilize tugboats to carry lines if needed.

Pier Obstructions:                                                                     None

Notes:                                                                                      Linesmen are employed by local agents.