The Water Transportation Division occupations operate and maintain the MV Sili vessel that takes cargo and islanders over water between the islands of Tutuila and Manu’a. Our vessels travel to and from interisland ports across the Pacific Ocean and to domestic ports along the Coast of Ofu and Tau. The WTD is responsible for the operation of all the government vessels for the Port, consisting of the Tug boats and the inter-island ferries.

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Tug Boats: Tatoso II, Tautua and Sailele.

Ø      Tug Totoso II – 1580 horse power

Ø      Tug Tautua – 1730 horse power

Ø      Tug Sailele – 1450 horse power


Inter-Island Ferries: M/V Manu'atele, M/V Sili and Segaula.

Utility vessel: Uila Ole Sami.


Request for tug services can be done during working hours at the WTD office or through the Harbor Masters Office.  For same day operations: during working hours operation - at least 3 hours notice; for afterhours operation – requests must be in before 1300. Requests for weekend operation has to be in by 1300 Friday afternoon.


MV Sili makes regular trips to the Manu’a Islands every government pay week (fortnightly). Normally loads on Wednesday and leaves Pago Pago on Thursday morning arriving in Manu’a the same afternoon. MV Sili normally remain alongside overnight in Manu’a and depart on Friday morning, arriving back in Pago Pago on Friday afternoon. 

A one way trip to Manu’a cost only $30 for adult and $15 for students, cargoes are free of charge. Reservations are not held until the full fare is being paid.

When not on its regular trip, MV Sili is available for charter. Chartering for a return trip, going from Pago Pago to Manu’a and back to Pago Pago, would normally cost $14,000.


Our aluminum catamaran SEGAULA caters for travelers between Ta’u and Ofu Islands in Manu’a. 


Uila-Ole-Sami is an all purpose utility boat that is available for charter for transportation between Pago Pago, Auasi, & Aunu’u. A typical charter for one return trip to Aunu’u would normally cost $250.


Notice: Boarding schedule for Manu'a Island are subject to change without notification. For more information, contact Water Transportation Division at +1-684-633-4160. The schedule for loading cargo on MV Sili is Wednesday; and boarding MV Sili on Thursday. See calendar below.